This is the PS5 Controller...

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller for PS5 is...unique. 🙃
Hands on with the Xbox Series X
More on the DualSense for PS5:
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Vitenskap og teknologi
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Austin Evans
Austin Evans - 4 måneder siden
ok I lied the controller has already grown on me
Suzie Jaimungal
Suzie Jaimungal - 9 dager siden
Plz make a video on which is better ps5 or xbox series x
Kalin Ruder
Kalin Ruder - 13 dager siden
Bro jus shut up 😂! We know ps5 and ps is generally better. Jus stop being bias
Alex - Måned siden
@AnonymousScar who cares about sells. we cant do anything about sheeps buying the worst console...
Mad House
Mad House - Måned siden
PS4 team
lednikov - Måned siden
The world's FIRST REVIEW ON PLAYSTATION 5 is on my channel
Ed Findlay
Ed Findlay - 21 time siden
Too bad you didn't have the controller.
Noah - Dag siden
Even though the Xbox is more powerful more people will buy the PS5 because of the better exclusives
Jessi Baet
Jessi Baet - Dag siden
Xbox only survives at US while PS has conquered the world like Alexander the great. No comparison No competition. Let's discuss Sony & leave the Microsoft to be sticking to creating OS's.
The samuri Alianderp293
I’m getting the ps5 lol
Dimpapak_21 - 2 dager siden
Am i the only one that realy likes this controller 😂
Ethan z0mbie
Ethan z0mbie - 2 dager siden
Make the controller a solid color please.
big boi153
big boi153 - 3 dager siden
Ps5 or x box series x reply or answer
AwesomeNauan - 3 dager siden
I’m on the play station team.
Aks Agarwal Jaiswal
Aks Agarwal Jaiswal - 3 dager siden
I hope that screen recorder will be there because the share button is not there
Cyber Ace
Cyber Ace - 3 dager siden
xbox series x elite 2 , try it out
KalelGreen - 4 dager siden
I hate PlayStation
Tiko Boi
Tiko Boi - 4 dager siden
Who here thinks the Series X is going to be better than the ps5
Me: I think the series X is going to be better tbh. smh smh smh.
Omer Rehman
Omer Rehman - 4 dager siden
It looks like he is mad that the ps controller is better than the xbox controller
Xbox has the same controller
rodo - 4 dager siden
X-BOX promoter can't even acknowledge that DualSense looks good and innovative (really trying not to say that it's better). I mean how subjective are you?
Thomas Rouse
Thomas Rouse - 5 dager siden
Boi the new controller is slick as hell
Itzmezeevr - 5 dager siden
0:51 I think he likes the PlayStation controller
Team Flights
Team Flights - 6 dager siden
Ps players are so bad, they’re copying the shape of our Xbox
Andrew Grivas
Andrew Grivas - 6 dager siden
I meant to say I like turtles
Andrew Grivas
Andrew Grivas - 6 dager siden
Sorry man
Doge 420
Doge 420 - 7 dager siden
Ok simpy
ツRel - 7 dager siden
Isaiah Hughes
Isaiah Hughes - 7 dager siden
Im definitely a Xbox fan, but this controller looks nice!
Isaiah Hughes
Isaiah Hughes - 7 dager siden
I still don't like the thumbstick placement on the ps controller though
TALHA Abbasi
TALHA Abbasi - 8 dager siden
PS5 hater right here
Ayoub Al
Ayoub Al - 8 dager siden
“cough cough, microsoft lover, cough cough”
Andrew Grivas
Andrew Grivas - 9 dager siden
I am on the gaming pc side so... yea
Andrew Grivas
Andrew Grivas - 9 dager siden
It looks very ugly...
Andrew Grivas
Andrew Grivas - 6 dager siden
jai quinn bruh
jai quinn
jai quinn - 6 dager siden
So do you...
Suzie Jaimungal
Suzie Jaimungal - 9 dager siden
{The controller has grown over me
| |
|_| |_|
BlackStar -EX-
BlackStar -EX- - 9 dager siden
Microsoft simp or not the xbox series x out performing the ps5 is just plan facts it's okay if sony fan boys can't accept that everyone already knew they'd cry master race even though they were never even close just because a product was superior in sales doesn't make it superior in hardware. But hey sony tried.
Deralius 3
Deralius 3 - 10 dager siden
You are clearly a microsoft simp.
Luca vlogs and gaming
Luca vlogs and gaming - 11 dager siden
Say what you want about xbox recycling the same controller, xbox controllers are already perfect, playstation has a long way to go to make a user friendly comfortable controller
Unbox All things
Unbox All things - 11 dager siden
Can I use the controller on a ps4
Auto assasin
Auto assasin - 12 dager siden
ps5 failed
Auto assasin
Auto assasin - 12 dager siden
whats the difference betwwen that and a banana
Atomic Axe
Atomic Axe - 15 dager siden
Bruh this guy is so bias towards Xbox. He is literally their salesmen I stg
Jonathan - 15 dager siden
How tf do I play claw with this thing
Aiden Ashworth
Aiden Ashworth - 17 dager siden
I actually love how it looks.
Lucão - 17 dager siden
Microsoft paid him to say shit about playstation and market xbox.
The Cooper Tech Kid
The Cooper Tech Kid - 18 dager siden
The controller is as cool as f#%k mate.
Navin Kumar
Navin Kumar - 18 dager siden
Sony gave importance to the controller
BradzerYT - 18 dager siden
This guys a hater of sony because the dident give him a remote
abc def
abc def - 20 dager siden
I believe there is something about driving a car through mud (which - scientifically proven - not one person on this planet ever did) since they literally always do it in the ads...
1000 subs without vid
1000 subs without vid - 20 dager siden
Bias idiot you like Xbox more and favour It more than ps5. Give a honest opinion. You are biased and you are a big clickbaiter that's why you got so many dislikes.
ionutz car
ionutz car - 21 dag siden
what i the purpose of this video?
Mendez - 22 dager siden
So Xbox biased lol
Alpha The wolf
Alpha The wolf - 22 dager siden
well well well Austin, looks like you changed and now you are clickbaiting, i now hate you because of 1st: hey guys this is austin 2nd: clickbaited and 3rd: you said that you liked the xbox controller more than the ps5 but u said in the comments that the ps5 controller grew on you plus u said that you liked the google failure and ur a xbox simp
Aaron Rogers
Aaron Rogers - 22 dager siden
you’re an idiot idk why youtube puts these bias ass videos at the top of search feeds...”xbox series x is in the lead right now” these consoles are gonna be essentially the same with different storage and cooling system, do some research bruh you have 5 million subs. stop giving fake news
Niall Lomas
Niall Lomas - 22 dager siden
God you are insufferable. Head like a fucking space raider.
Kassem Antar
Kassem Antar - 22 dager siden
Don’t worry guys he likes google stadia
PpNuggettt - 22 dager siden
What an ass this controller is so sick I disagree like with almost everything he says
damithasap - 22 dager siden
this guy really hates PlayStation like he's getting paid to do that
Saim Butt
Saim Butt - 23 dager siden
Ps controllers looks like a dildo xbox controller is much better and i love xbox bcz of it's UI, the only plus point of playstation is it's exclusives and that it gives free online for fortnite
pc mustard race
pc mustard race - 22 dager siden
Dumb fucking kids
JaidenplayzMC Gaming&music
JaidenplayzMC Gaming&music - 23 dager siden
i like the idea of a built in mic
FISHY boi - 23 dager siden
Sony: *takes a xbox controller adds new features and puts avenger endgame armor*
Me: *starts watching every video about ps4 copying xbox controller*
TheMinecraftGaming2007 YT
TheMinecraftGaming2007 YT - 23 dager siden
Imagine xbox channel watches this
Harley Wilde
Harley Wilde - 24 dager siden
My kidneys best cough it up
Nazih SEOUD - 24 dager siden
are the thumb controllers the same as the ps4 (size wise)??
thisgreentree - 24 dager siden
It’s shaped like an Xbox one controller
Dylan Reynolds
Dylan Reynolds - 25 dager siden
I used to like Austin Evans but after Microsoft let him try the Xbox Series X, He’s seems to only have bad things to say about PlayStation. TBH it seems like Microsoft is paying him to have a bias for Xbox
Lethal x55x
Lethal x55x - 4 dager siden
Xbox is winning ...No Offense People Are Just Butthurt ..
Purple Banana
Purple Banana - 10 dager siden
Yeah. Ps5 is faster and has a higher compression rate at like 5.5 GB per second and the Xbox has like 2.5 GB per second. Yet he ignores that and says Xbox is faster. Even though evidently it's not. It's not like I hate Xbox it's just a fact. I kinda believe that Microsoft is paying him because in the past we see he is very intelligent and knows his shit. It would make sense for Microsoft to pay him because we think he's a reliable source even though we could just look up the specs. Again I don't hate Xbox. I like both but I don't like how snarky Xbox is and they think they're better than everyone. And even more proof they're paying Austin. WHY WOULD THEY SEND HIM AN XBOX SERIES X. HE IS LITERALLY THE ONLY PERSON WHO HAS ONE. So maybe when they agreed to this operation, they sent him the new xbox
Lewpo Edits
Lewpo Edits - 25 dager siden
The video summed up: I like this feature but Xbox is better.