Wasting $820 at a PAWN SHOP

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What happens when you buy Apple products, a Nintendo Switch and Xbox One at a pawn shop? 🙄
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 11:21


Aon Arts
Aon Arts - 2 timer siden
Pre-pandemic vids of 2020.
BigNoodleDude - Dag siden
Gimmie the beat boys and free my soul
Caleb Kutz
Caleb Kutz - Dag siden
surya vamsi
surya vamsi - 6 dager siden
Hey Austin the videos are great to watch it's not about the tech but about the presentation that you people make in the video which makes it satisfying to watch.ken is a superstar ❤️
lvx_clayy A.K.A Clayton
lvx_clayy A.K.A Clayton - 8 dager siden
On the PS1 I have one at the top of my closet and it’s perfect condition with a new DualShock one
SianH - 10 dager siden
FAKE the keyboard went from blue to black
The VlogingCAT
The VlogingCAT - 10 dager siden
Tje ps1 was overpriced I got one for a good $15
name name
name name - 14 dager siden
9:39 more like if you wanna draw blood coz dankpods did
joe mother
joe mother - 15 dager siden
bought an xbox from a pawnshop had hella games and i got it for 120
anujith tp
anujith tp - 16 dager siden
Welcome to the Himalayas
roger johnson
roger johnson - 16 dager siden
Don't try this at home unless your Austin Evens
roger johnson
roger johnson - 16 dager siden
I did not know Austin had a Toyota 4 Runner good choice these are the best suv you can get
Jonathan Stoermer
Jonathan Stoermer - 16 dager siden
What's your channel name ken
Jlawgaming - 17 dager siden
Did anyone else get a Playstation ad after the og ps1 bootup
Vize Clan
Vize Clan - 17 dager siden
It’s only a little bit less 1 dollar cheaper
Danty_pig123 - 18 dager siden
I stepped when he said "$830".
Nicky h225
Nicky h225 - 18 dager siden
Jokes on you I spent 10 dollars for my nearly mint PlayStation
landis terrell
landis terrell - 18 dager siden
I want that gt 2 copy
Memes Daily
Memes Daily - 18 dager siden
2:53 Austin loses his brains
HAXWUW - 18 dager siden
Titanfall yesss
Derek Blankenship
Derek Blankenship - 19 dager siden
3:05 when you just landed an RKO
2020 - 19 dager siden
the pawn shop is where we take our broken stuff :)
Big person
Big person - 20 dager siden
Great video
oiii kid
oiii kid - 20 dager siden
In Denmark a brand New switch cost About 320 bucks
einat1622 - 21 dag siden
I love buying or given for free older tech - it still a better deal than buying a new product (just know the proper prices, specs and condition).
Big Ben Games
Big Ben Games - 21 dag siden
1:32 let's hope it's a drink that got onto that laptop
Pedro Gabriel Haddad
Pedro Gabriel Haddad - 26 dager siden
I managed to pick up an used og ps4 for about 100 dollars here in Tokyo. I'm not usually good at finding good deals but that one was a steal.
Heather Cook
Heather Cook - 29 dager siden
I still use a 7th gen ipod and at this point, even if it works fine, you're gonna want to get in there to replace the HDD with CF, SD, or an SSD. While you're in there you really want to swap out the battery, because it's not expensive and even if it's been kept in good condition that battery is likely at least a decade old and has severely degraded.
Trevor Steenson
Trevor Steenson - Måned siden
Austin cool YouTube
MC Stark YT
MC Stark YT - Måned siden
4 k aint working

Michael Mkhitaryan
Michael Mkhitaryan - Måned siden
3:00 i want what hes on
Robo Soft26
Robo Soft26 - Måned siden
Thats my switch

Just kidding
Floridian Railfan
Floridian Railfan - Måned siden
I wonder how many of those items are stolen
Tobar512 - Måned siden
I got my Xbox One for the same price at a pawn shop
Ibrahim Ahmed
Ibrahim Ahmed - Måned siden
4:08 wipe it with alcohol
Timing Smile
Timing Smile - Måned siden
You bought a switch for $170? *oh my god*
Jerald Butternubs
Jerald Butternubs - Måned siden
At least it went to a pawn shop, pawn shops around me are usually donated goods and the profits go to the homeless
Your Mother
Your Mother - Måned siden
...that switch is in better condition than mine lmfao
Hector Ivan Ceballos Landa
Down here in mexico pawn shops have a lot of hidden gems, I buy a 360 Star Wars edition for 95 US dollars, box and everything, obviously was a kid who play Kinect Sports and that's it
Simply Stupid
Simply Stupid - Måned siden
That mac is possessed
Michael Manganiello
Michael Manganiello - Måned siden
Gimme back my iPod
Marlon Interiano
Marlon Interiano - Måned siden
I got my ps1 for 10 dollars best deal ever still run games
Mythic Phantom
Mythic Phantom - Måned siden
7:40 First time I've seen Ken be modest.
Leeum Creeper
Leeum Creeper - Måned siden
Arturo Rodriguez
Arturo Rodriguez - Måned siden
You should play god of war
Buyguy Phones
Buyguy Phones - Måned siden
I have the MacBook air and iPad 2 in school
Pls help meet 🙏
SxiftFN - Måned siden
Who Remembers the Fearful Harmony on the ps1? That used to give me nightmares😭😭
Storm - Måned siden
0:00 why i only one hear *Hey guys! It is sausage*
Alex L
Alex L - Måned siden
Ik I'm late to this video but I see that Aikyan Kobayashi shirt Ken 🙌
Gemi Gamer
Gemi Gamer - Måned siden
Wasting $820 at a PAWN SHOP Total:830 :> cool video
Ethan Fisher
Ethan Fisher - Måned siden
Put an iPad Pro in to a switch docking station
franck le désarticulé
franck le désarticulé - Måned siden
hello bro me I would like you to send me a console I admire you too much I am in Africa
Alexander Tijerina (student)
I got a PS4 for $100 at a pawn shop.
RRG STUDIOS - Måned siden
Whats the name of ken’s yt channel?
TheWheelofLife100 - Måned siden
Ohhhh pawn shop, not porn shop, maybe for next episode....
Simon Brunschvig
Simon Brunschvig - Måned siden
Omg I'm so lucky I got a Xbox one S almost new for 50$
Luna Betas
Luna Betas - Måned siden
You paid 50$ for a PS1
You can literally get one and about 10 games for 20$ in Romania
Big bruh
AbnormallyNormal //
AbnormallyNormal // - Måned siden
Today on mystery tech, Austin buys stolen merchandise from a sketchy pawn shop in LA
Sausager - Måned siden
That ps1 is the new retro version
Wesley Moore
Wesley Moore - Måned siden
austin doesnt realize that everything thats sticky on these items is most likely human ejaculant