We Build the SPICIEST Gaming PC Yet...

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The one and only @Vsauce3 helps me build a gaming PC...Hot Ones style. 🔥
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 14:22


Charmly Gamer
Charmly Gamer - 3 dager siden
Bruh casually has milk next to power hungry components
Cicero - 5 dager siden
A very nice video with Josh saywer
Declan Bachner
Declan Bachner - 8 dager siden
My mouth is now watering from the same wing eating
Sn0ike - 12 dager siden
Didn't knwo this was a ASMR video
blxzzrd - 13 dager siden
I wanna see Austin on hot ones now
dxt - 14 dager siden
Give it to an indian like me and you I bet you we wont feal a thing until 1.4 million
Edit:at 2.million we would be like them on 50k
Josh Chin
Josh Chin - 14 dager siden
Jami Brown
Jami Brown - 14 dager siden
the asmr is really nasty
Brelts - 19 dager siden
*ASMR intensifies*
ZE_Soviet_Onion - 20 dager siden
At least these weren't vegan wings like bitwit had to eat
z Nair
z Nair - 20 dager siden
how did this video make me feel both poor AND hungry
limmy lime
limmy lime - 22 dager siden
Close your eyes and listen to this 9:10...
It's treyy 1818
It's treyy 1818 - 23 dager siden
This episode look sort of GAY
Why leonhart
Why leonhart - 23 dager siden
They can't even handle habanero
An ordinary Space pirate
An ordinary Space pirate - 25 dager siden
I like how the wings get progressively more red each time
Quenton Watson
Quenton Watson - 26 dager siden
Really enjoyed the video, but hearing you guys chew kinda turned my stomach lol
Tyler Black
Tyler Black - 27 dager siden
Y'all need to redo this episode ayoo on Amazon order you some Carolina Reaper powder Wicked 2.2 million Scoville unit put a tbsp in a bowl and seal it and then shake it with some good hot sauce not too spicy to Your pic of your own flavor of hot you like you just have them sitting here Bolton you eat them every 5 minutes until you get the PC done perfectly didn't you give the PC away to a random subscriber there will be 20 wings good luck get getting mad out there as a challenge I'd like to see done
Realest Utd
Realest Utd - 28 dager siden
I'm from Trinidad the scorpion pepper ain't that bad
AndyLeeNR - 29 dager siden
Nothing may be worse for people who can't handle spicy foods than if it's really really good but burns like heck
Caleb dodo
Caleb dodo - Måned siden
9:12 to 9:36 is just gay sex if you close your eyes and listen to it
PeskyPrior - Måned siden
Would a parts list be possible for this build? For those who'd like to replicate it :)
Ashton Curee
Ashton Curee - Måned siden
I was literally dying watching this 😂
Max Lamothe
Max Lamothe - Måned siden
jrcgeek1127 - Måned siden
I love his Pokémon shirt!
Swaroop Ajit
Swaroop Ajit - Måned siden
This is what Sean (from Hot ones) and Austin fuse.
Milan - Måned siden
Imagine if instead of giving these guys a Butch T Scorpion, they gave them a Moruga scorpion...
Alfarabi - Måned siden
This is the funniest video
Side Cat
Side Cat - Måned siden
I literally immune to spice to my taste buds so I think I would win eating the wings
SparKKiie - Måned siden
If you close your eyes on 9:16 and listen for about 15 secs... lmfao
Emmit Welch
Emmit Welch - Måned siden
That has to be the ugliest human I have ever seen
ʘ‿ʘ LeMon JUicE ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ
ʘ‿ʘ LeMon JUicE ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ
Fishy not On me
Fishy not On me - Måned siden
I eat hotter stuff then that
MrAwesome_10 - Måned siden
10:25 close your eyes and listen
Mr. Dino
Mr. Dino - Måned siden
listen to it with your eyes close
#PixelCXC // ConnorXcrash
#PixelCXC // ConnorXcrash - 2 måneder siden
reee_fund - 2 måneder siden
how to get drunk and crazy without alcohol
Kelly Cannon
Kelly Cannon - 2 måneder siden
The worst audio for a computer build! Those lapel mics pick up anything!
Apianbelle - 2 måneder siden
where can I get the sauces that they are using?

just wondering
Albert Zhu
Albert Zhu - 2 måneder siden
you're talking about CUDA cores bot austin
kyproula88 - 2 måneder siden
Is there a link to those sauces?
Football Fan
Football Fan - 2 måneder siden
This made me hungry.
Twin Ky
Twin Ky - 2 måneder siden
At the start: Oh yeah, this is gonna be fine.
At the end: PLEASE KILL ME
MrSamPro - 2 måneder siden
it was so spicy that my toung is burning lol
Anime Boy334
Anime Boy334 - 2 måneder siden
It’s not even hot sauce anymore it’s like they sniffed Coke
Camen Nordstrom
Camen Nordstrom - 2 måneder siden
I can’t. I just can’t. I love you Austin but the sounds make me want to jump out of a fucking window.
latlanticcityphil - 2 måneder siden
Somebody please give these 2 guys 2gals of milk so they can finish the project on time!
God Of Helva
God Of Helva - 2 måneder siden
SB SB - 2 måneder siden
As someone who lives and loves spice this video is making me really hungry
Trevor Sikes
Trevor Sikes - 2 måneder siden
Am i the only one who think the wings in the begining look good
Shaye Inge
Shaye Inge - 3 måneder siden
For God's sake turn down the mics when they eat it's the worst sound ever
Luke Ballin
Luke Ballin - 3 måneder siden
You are washing your hands after eating the wings... right?
Montuno6400 - 3 måneder siden
This makes me want spicy buffalo wings
ItsBigE 218038
ItsBigE 218038 - 3 måneder siden
Why does the video picture make him look like Adam Sandler?
Fareedh Salavudeen
Fareedh Salavudeen - 3 måneder siden
Would love to see you on Hot ones. I think it would be great episode!
Rampage Extreme
Rampage Extreme - 3 måneder siden
no offense, I am a fan but austin is sorta like a cheaper linus even the specs are a little lower
1 million subscribers without videos challenge
We built the greasiest pc ever 😂
Jigy - 3 måneder siden
#1 rule when eating hot shit, never drink milk with it!!!
heyitzhan - 3 måneder siden
Just when the Vietnam noises happned I was looking at news about North Korea kim jong un.
Hitmondle - 3 måneder siden