We Wasted TOO MUCH on Mystery Tech...

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One day we're finally going to cancel Mystery Tech.
Mystery Tech Went TOO FAR 💀 noburn.info/id/video/3KSwntGrkadvj5Q.html
Sega Genesis Mini on Amazon: austin.tech/genesismini
This ridiculously expensive toaster on Amazon: austin.tech/toaster
The MovieMask: moviemask.io/products/moviemask-premium
I couldn't find a link to the anime headphones or the "GameSphere" but let's be real that's ok.
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 13:23


QTG128 - 12 timer siden
Ken : you might not get it, but a lot of people will get it
Me : i don't get it
Daniel Westerlund
Daniel Westerlund - 21 time siden
as if 13 yr olds like me woldunt know how to code or something???
Lurid Density
Lurid Density - Dag siden
Nice vid
Skull ies
Skull ies - Dag siden
Bruh I know what a cd is
NBlasterAnimates - 2 dager siden
I’m twelve and I still know what cds are soo...
Quantum Paradox
Quantum Paradox - 2 dager siden
Love you guys
billz - 4 dager siden
7:00 this made me feel old
Tim Ahlers
Tim Ahlers - 4 dager siden
I spent $15 on VR headset that's just as good.
GD Mario
GD Mario - 7 dager siden
i wish austin open the camara app in the movie thing
Will Lienert
Will Lienert - 8 dager siden
Lol explaining CD when they were popular like five years ago...
Edwin Silva rojas
Edwin Silva rojas - 9 dager siden
austin im 11 and i know whats a cd and cd rom
Jason Free
Jason Free - 10 dager siden
*sees TrySail*
Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.
Gati Akbar Wibisono
Gati Akbar Wibisono - 11 dager siden
Trysail, yes
Just Otto
Just Otto - 12 dager siden
I got the sega genisis. pretty epic if you tell me
Tal - 12 dager siden
In an instant all of the nostalgia hit in an instant
Markus bok
Markus bok - 12 dager siden
Ken is a man of Culture
Kingdog Studios
Kingdog Studios - 13 dager siden
Youtubers always think kids don’t know what Cds are but Xbox games are still CDs
Guyok219 - 16 dager siden
I’m from 2007 and I own cassettes and a cassette player
Ghostlier Bat
Ghostlier Bat - 16 dager siden
One time I tried to eat a packing peanut
gert santens
gert santens - 16 dager siden
a lot of people probably don't know what a cd is
He says to a thirteen year old who has watched vcr for almost half his life
aayanmahmood - 16 dager siden
That was 6ix9ine
Ghost Gamer200982
Ghost Gamer200982 - 16 dager siden
So this my friends
Ghost Gamer200982
Ghost Gamer200982 - 16 dager siden
Ghost Gamer200982
Ghost Gamer200982 - 16 dager siden
Y do you always say my friend
Ananway Ghatak
Ananway Ghatak - 17 dager siden
How do u not know gamesphere u uncultured sw*** 🤣
#PixelCXC // ConnorXcrash
#PixelCXC // ConnorXcrash - 18 dager siden
5:01 LOL Your reaction cracked me up, man!
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water
Guys its anime becasue there is a waifu on the front
lil uhr
lil uhr - 17 dager siden
Lil Leo
Lil Leo - 18 dager siden
4:24 as soon as I heard Drake and Josh I IMMEDIATELY thought of iTS SphERiCAL🤣🤣🤣
YazanTDM - 20 dager siden
Kevin Kenson: What are you idiots doing?

Austin : We are playing drake & josh on josh's favorite console that he brought for mystery tech
Minecraft pro
Minecraft pro - 21 dag siden
you can get an i9 9900k for the price of a stupid toster
Ananya Chengta
Ananya Chengta - 22 dager siden
windboss 23
windboss 23 - 23 dager siden
So what is a Boomball?
Sad Chill
Sad Chill - 24 dager siden
1:03 when im lookin through my fridge
Crazy Craft
Crazy Craft - 27 dager siden
pls visit this link it helps me earn i am total broke want to earn to buy gaming laptop @t
cryptearth - 27 dager siden
as for the toaster - you need the right bread with it - and it's like not just any 10 bucks toaster with bread not worth even 1 buck - but about a thousand times better - and - now you need the right stuff on put on top of it ... no THAT's a good morning toast - or just get a coffee to go on the next stop while you on your way to work
Christian I
Christian I - Måned siden
that thing was meant for VR...
trackboy17 - Måned siden
"Its spherical!!!"
Maxwell Fisher
Maxwell Fisher - Måned siden
When you spend $300 on a toaster
Nitro Charge151
Nitro Charge151 - Måned siden
It would be awesome if nintendo actually sold game cubes that were the game shere
Wat_u Say_kid
Wat_u Say_kid - Måned siden
Nikhil Raj S
Nikhil Raj S - Måned siden
Unbox therapy actually reviewed the "Japanese Toaster".
Ky4uCuH _YT
Ky4uCuH _YT - Måned siden
Where is my Norwegian gang at
Kai Adrian Robertsen
Kai Adrian Robertsen - Måned siden
I live in norway......bruh ik what that means AND try that popcorn its the best
Peter - Måned siden
7:06 Hey, I'm from the start of 2006, and I know what this is. Don't you give me that, Millennial looking down at Gen Z look!
Peter - Måned siden
Unknown Noob
Unknown Noob - Måned siden
9:39 one f o r t h
Tarek Hamed Badawy
Tarek Hamed Badawy - Måned siden
He was watching vsauce
HeavyMixer - Måned siden
What the hell is drake and josh
Fade - Måned siden
the slo-mo kid 53
the slo-mo kid 53 - Måned siden
Scratcher 251
Scratcher 251 - Måned siden
Whats the song at 07:43?
Big Ben Games
Big Ben Games - 26 dager siden
I remember hearing it in an unus annus video. Cooking with sex toys
Tucker Creech
Tucker Creech - Måned siden
thank you ken
TheClimaxxUnlimited - Måned siden
7:05 ps2 better than GameCube
flan - Måned siden
since when does a car company make luxury toasters wtf
Naila Farooq
Naila Farooq - Måned siden
What is Spotify? I remember the good old CD and MP3 players
Derek Rivas
Derek Rivas - Måned siden
I can buy a 1 dallor CD player and it will sonde better
Frozen Wolf
Frozen Wolf - Måned siden
Austen - this toaster is so stupid
Austen after eating the toast - I'm taking this home tonight
Caleb Picker
Caleb Picker - Måned siden
Austin: "This mystery tech kinda sucks." Ken: "Hold my beer"
Kingofkings_the - Måned siden
Money in the grave with Lil Jon? .-.
Anime2136 - Gaming and Challenges
2:57 You sick sick son of a (beep) who thinks that’s funny?
AIRon Sksk
AIRon Sksk - Måned siden
TechSource is better