Why Does Chrome OS Still Exist?

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Can Google's Chrome OS defeat Windows or Mac? Um...I'll get back to you on that...
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Vitenskap og teknologi
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Austin Evans
Austin Evans - 7 måneder siden
AND it's finally here: the Taran edited version of this video for your enjoyment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsiWIztMO-o
Reedo Lightningweaver
Reedo Lightningweaver - 2 måneder siden
Neverlander The First a used windows laptop would be better
Nova 29
Nova 29 - 3 måneder siden
It’s far worse
Billy Jo
Billy Jo - 3 måneder siden
fuck you
Ivan Mendoza
Ivan Mendoza - 3 måneder siden
ARM lightron .,ll-
Onik Ahmed
Onik Ahmed - 3 måneder siden
Can you make video installing linux on chromebook and remove chrome os
max lmao
max lmao - 41 minutt siden
because my grandma doesnt like windows and cant buy a mac.
DeltaDooby D
DeltaDooby D - Dag siden
NO. Minecraft is not runnable on a browser. Nor does Ravenfield. And most video editing softwars.
The Unintentional Mistaker
schools: use chromebooks with a megabyte of ram, a teraflop, and 1.4 gigahertz and literally half a core.
Also schools: USe ChRomE
TheOnlyImage - Dag siden
Edward Brocklesby 2⃣
Dipak Chakraborty
Dipak Chakraborty - Dag siden
The editing is weird. Sudden unnecessary jump-cuts helps it become that way.
Yuri B
Yuri B - Dag siden
This video is not about chromeOS, its about pixel go.
Parth Patel
Parth Patel - Dag siden
I hated this childish style of editing. I feel like a 12 year old was the intended audience of the editor: ijustine
Zero Effort
Zero Effort - 2 dager siden
I got the base Pixelbook Go for $520 and I'm happy with it
thatgreekguy - 2 dager siden
Because some people need a laptop for Chrome and an 'office' suit. Which is exactly what they do.
Personally, I already own a PC for serious work and use it along my consoles for gaming. A chromebook is useful for when I am out and I want to edit a document or do a little research without using my phone which IMO is not a machine that you can do research or edit a document.
EBDubs - 2 dager siden
witch one did you use? final of windows?
EBDubs - 2 dager siden
you used final
Captain Fraser
Captain Fraser - 2 dager siden
At the prices chromebooks are for what they actually are, I'll make my own PC any day
Jesse Miller
Jesse Miller - 2 dager siden
Well chrome os, it’s a need. Regular Linux or Windows is just a want. At least to gamers
Kika Dobrovolsky
Kika Dobrovolsky - 2 dager siden
TIS tHe vEGaN laPtOp heHehEhe
Spiike BS
Spiike BS - 2 dager siden
Why do you still exist
Ohhhhhh burned!!!!!!!

I'm not healthy.
Sonic26 Flash
Sonic26 Flash - 3 dager siden
I like chrome os
Ryan Holzer
Ryan Holzer - 3 dager siden
Wait where’s Linux?
xBlqtqntx - 3 dager siden
It shouldn't. They have a cheap build depending on the price. I'm switching to windows.
Kevin Bhasi
Kevin Bhasi - 3 dager siden
Without watching the full video, I can guess that Chrome OS still exists because of the education market.
Jabaek YT
Jabaek YT - 3 dager siden
Can u play roblox
Nmaster - 3 dager siden
chrome os is good your mean jerk im using chrome os your mean
Christian Ray
Christian Ray - 3 dager siden
the only way chromebooks beat mac or pc is the price
Kumaraswamy Nandipati
Kumaraswamy Nandipati - 3 dager siden
Saul Statman
Saul Statman - 3 dager siden
Laughs in *spent hours replacing ChromeOS with Linux due to tight budget*.
Also the use case is schools. It's literally all just schools.
Flag098 - 4 dager siden
My mom, and schools
jordanzish - 4 dager siden
Chrome OS is kind of awesome. If you're a baby boomer with $300 (that's Canadian moneys... About $225 US at the moment) to spend on a laptop to check email and play sudoku every once in a while, it's about as pleasant an experience as you can expect.
dbjungle - 5 dager siden
The reality is that most Chrome OS users use it as their primary mobile device. It's more functional than almost all mobile devices and does the majority of what most people need to do on a laptop faster and probably cheaper. I've been using Chromebooks since 2014 and I've never intended for it to replace my desktop PC, but it is by far my favorite OS. If you need to run a specific app that's not on Android, Linux or the web... on your laptop... Then Chrome OS is probably not for you. No big deal. The people who see the limitations of Chrome OS fail to see the solutions it provides to a typical desktop OS.
Avery Kramer
Avery Kramer - 5 dager siden
i use windows 10 chrome os sucks
Mikel Martinez-Toledano
Mikel Martinez-Toledano - 5 dager siden
I want to install ubuntu in an external storage but I cannot put the developer mode because those of the school have blocked it to me
Rishab Tirupathi
Rishab Tirupathi - 5 dager siden
If only there was an operating system as fast and light as chrome os but still having professional programs...
And if only you could update those programs by typing a few words into a terminal...
And what if this OS was called Linux?
TackyFlamingo 8528
TackyFlamingo 8528 - 5 dager siden
Now since chromebooks are evolving I haven’t really needed a Mac or windows. You can download google playstore apps, download Linux, and chrome extensions. Plus it’s smooth and comes with virus security
billy rob
billy rob - 5 dager siden
Sooooooo... An ARM pc
Nicole Colón
Nicole Colón - 6 dager siden
Me acabo de comprar una Asus chromebook, y me encanta. No sabia de su existencia hasta que busque información de ellas.
MysticTerror394 - 6 dager siden
Ijustine edited this video.... CLEANER DE SIMPLER
Davi the Human
Davi the Human - 6 dager siden
JonTron memes: **exists**
Unoriginal people: I'll take your entire stock!
YungAshplayz - 7 dager siden
still exist because so many schools use it, since its cheap, and harder to jailbreak it
Yardleythegaming God
Yardleythegaming God - 7 dager siden
What does scety mean
jay spanks
jay spanks - 7 dager siden
Hey guys! This is exhausting!
Max Regner
Max Regner - 7 dager siden
The thing is that windows and macos cannot run Android apps natively while chrome os can do it
1000 sub without vids
1000 sub without vids - 8 dager siden
Sweaty's: ok let's buy this
Earlier on: realizes it's usually for browsing
Rick Nelson
Rick Nelson - 8 dager siden
When my HP15 notebook screwed up, with no techs due to the Beer Flu, I got an HP Chromebook in order to get info to fix the problem. Never Again! Useless for much else than that and the Internet.
MikeOnTheBox - 9 dager siden
Gmail runs horribly on browser.
Kried - 9 dager siden
For 90% of us Chrombook is a perfect laptop
Aesthetically Maddie
Aesthetically Maddie - 9 dager siden
"this extension is blocked by the owner of this device" "linux beta is blocked by the administrator of this device" bruh i all need is blender bc its my new hobby but i use a chrome os i wanna install it using linux but the admin/owner of my school chromebook blocked it ;-;
Jefawe Gaming
Jefawe Gaming - 9 dager siden
Did IJustine Edit This?
Maytize - 10 dager siden
Battery are better
Rolando Quezada
Rolando Quezada - 10 dager siden
I thought I was watching an chrome os review. Then this dude turned this into a Pixelbook review.
Bubberiffic - 10 dager siden
3:00 Waste of $ - £ - ¥ - €
dumpling - 10 dager siden
When u get a chromebook and you can't play any pc games •́ ‿ ,•̀
Splisshy - 10 dager siden
Me: *orders chromebook*

*goes on YouTube and sees this*
Rylyguy - 10 dager siden
Hey Justine. I just wanted to ask about the audio levels. They are all over the place
JustRobertCZE - 11 dager siden
wait, someone really uses ChromeOS and chrome book?
Kishwar Zunayed
Kishwar Zunayed - 11 dager siden
Damn I really was rooting for 'The Macro King'
DJLF - 11 dager siden
If they put a Ryzen 4700U while making it cheaper it might actually be OK
• Joe Panda •
• Joe Panda • - 12 dager siden
I hate edited comments and replies.
• Joe Panda •
• Joe Panda • - 11 dager siden
I hate @Cameron Ball
Cameron Ball
Cameron Ball - 11 dager siden
I hate stupid like hungry commenters
• Joe Panda •
• Joe Panda • - 12 dager siden
Me too!
ima absolute BOT
ima absolute BOT - 12 dager siden
half of the people watching this video are probably chrome book users and im one of them trust me i hate this i cant download shit on this thing
Ferdinand Zebua
Ferdinand Zebua - 12 dager siden
Google would do well to somehow create or facilitate a DirectX compatibility layer that will enable serious or even Triple-A games to run natively on Chrome OS...
encycl07pedia - 12 dager siden
If you paid $1,400 on a Chromebook, you got absolutely robbed. My God. I can't believe anyone would pay $1,400 on a Chromebook unless it came coated in real diamonds and gold.
Rob Tyman
Rob Tyman - 14 dager siden
Austin - believe it not not everyone wants a Macbook or even an iphone. There are tens....no hundreds of millions of people all over the world who don't use Apple products. They use something else...............ANDROID.
I've got to the stage where I'm becoming bored with Windows...and tbh Microsoft as a whole. I've had enough of Windows, Windows, Windows. Now I want something else......something different.......but NOT a Macbook. I've nothing against Apple, I just don't buy their hype.....just as evidently, you don't 'buy' Chrome OS's hype.
People are switching from Windows to Chrome OS, because they probably have an Android phone, and they want their phone to better 'sync' with their laptop. You can't do this with a Windows Laptop. This is why people are flocking to Chrome OS, why Chromebooks are all of a sudden 'popular', why Lenovo have exploded out of nowhere (well not quite, but now they are a major player, which they weren't a couple of years ago). It's why Google too are now bigger than Microsoft. HINT: Their Pixel phones and books both have Chrome OS (obviously) meaning that you can move between phone and laptop seamlessly with no hiccups, formatting issues or strange 'error 404' messages or whatever.
This is why Google are now MASSIVE, why Lenovo have become the 'most wanted' laptop manufacturer for people with android phones, and why Windows is fast becoming yesterday's technology and operating system. The Microsoft Windows era is ending. Its dominated the last three decades, but the 2020's looks like Google and Chrome OS will supersede Microsoft, and Windows. It's already happening! People want simplicity between using different devices - not hassle and stress. You can do all this with Chrome OS. Still unconvinced?