Why Xbox Series X games don't look BETTER

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Now that we've seen Xbox Series X gameplay what do YOU think?
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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips - 3 måneder siden
It's not true what they say about me...... :p
Phillip Holland
Phillip Holland - 8 dager siden
im dead lmaooooo
Insane 10
Insane 10 - 13 dager siden
Austin Evans OOOOFFF!!!!! Austin that was tough
MrGivmedew - 17 dager siden
billy bob bob that was true a long time ago. It has less to do with that now. The consoles are getting more and more like PC in so many ways it’s insane. The fact is they run on custom x86 APUs that are very close to consumer units. Nowhere near the power of a dedicated GPU but as far as developing for them it’s not like it was with PS3 XBOX 360 and PC where basically you had to design an engine for 4 systems... PS3, XBOX 360 Core, XBOX 360 and PC and while the computer I built in 2013 had better graphics capabilities than my Xbox One X the way you develop nowadays is essentially the same across all 3 platforms. You just get shit frame rates and lower resolution on a console. Yes even if you are running 4K you have less resolution because of the variable resolution. Which you’ll notice is now in just about every PC game now too and a welcome feature as it allows me to run 4K for most of a game and when shit gets intense instead of seeing 30FPS I just loose some fidelity. I’ve been telling my friends for years now... console generations are dead. This is absolutely true now. Consoles are going to start being just like PCs where you can get different levels of capability and the engines will play nicely across “generations” Of course I said that thing about generations before anyone knew APPLE was going to switch to ARM. Since Microsoft has wanted to go ARM for a decade now that will be the true next generation where engines will NOT be compatible without emulation. My opinion... the next next XBOX is ARM based!
pavy415 - Måned siden
Hahahah the shirt reminds me of your first scrap yard wars with like where in the car you said "well we can always lie to luke your lienus" then you went on to say "LIE-nus its already there"
Trashawn Douglas
Trashawn Douglas - Måned siden
Just trying get views he not talking about shit
Christoph Luger
Christoph Luger - Time siden
Omg this console shit gets so milked, maybe wait before that damn thing is out.
Ronald Nelson Jr.
Ronald Nelson Jr. - 9 timer siden
Honestly, ps3 was just as good and on par with PS4
Ronald Nelson Jr.
Ronald Nelson Jr. - 9 timer siden
This video is so true.
Ansfidine Tech
Ansfidine Tech - 13 timer siden
Xbox Series X the powerful console to play Tetris 😂
Random Tube
Random Tube - 15 timer siden
The main focus should be long term reliability and steady performance. None of those specs mean anything if it means frying circuits and components. Ive had an xb1x console that died due to the south bridge chip going out. On another the HDMI timing chip went out. One with the hard-drive failing and one with the power supply failing. Even purchasing directly from Microsoft. Showed repeats in falty hardware or short term life. Like ive listed above. I already have my money saved up. Not going to lie. That im a bit nervous going into the Xbox series x. Thats why i might be leaning towards building a pc with the same specs. For like 6 times the price!
Anthony Martino
Anthony Martino - 16 timer siden
Anyone know if there is gonna be an MLB game for Xbox? Or is there already?? I don’t keep up with stuff...
Once was Golden
Once was Golden - 23 timer siden
Or because of the Microsoft idealogy of “play anywhere”, you can just wait until the next consoles come out after this gen knowing that there will be a version for your Xbox one of any future game. Sure it won’t look exactly the same but seeing that both the Xbox one s and the Xbox series x are 4K hdr, how much difference is there? Doubt you would notice without playing both side by side. For me, I will just wait.
Rampagesmithy Aka ASH
Rampagesmithy Aka ASH - Dag siden
This is bullshit Austin is paid by xbox ps5 games look loads better but xbox have dropped the ball I have a both consoles and I want xbox to do better games
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis - Dag siden
It seems as though graphical capability is quickly plateauing, but that doesn't mean generational leaps are becoming smaller. The way I see it is that new generational leaps will be highlighted by loading speeds and game design. Not only will games load significantly faster, but software design such as UI can be changed significantly. Game design will also be altered to decrease level linearity and increase map diversities. This generational leap is exciting because it's the first time a focus will be on design freedom and convenience, rather than just graphical improvement.
Samir A
Samir A - Dag siden
The power of consol in real 4k and 30fps more
SnakeDrifter - Dag siden
Hey Austin Evans I built a Lego PS4 and controller and it is cool and mean really cool! If you want to see a picture of the ps4 made out Legos just email me! And I'll send you one!
steelerfan77777 - Dag siden
Guy's he's lying report this channel!
Keegbots - Dag siden
Austin is just spitting straight garbage again. Sounds like he is just justifying the showcases from MS. Ratchet and Clank looks better than anything in the MS showcase. Stop making excuses. PS5 was made for developers, XBSX was made for more power.
gas craic
gas craic - Dag siden
A new report by the US State Department-funded Australian Strategic Policy Institute has discovered that at least 83 companies are directly or indirectly linked to Chinese forced labour camps when it comes to the creation of their products – and Nintendo is one of the firms named, alongside Sony and Microsoft.
Greg Hakes
Greg Hakes - Dag siden
MR. Evans you need to get your eyes checked buddy. Their was a massive jump in graphics from the
Xbox360 to Xbox One. The Xbox One has 6 times more graphic power than the Xbox360. And the Series X
will have 8 times more graphic power than Xbox One. When you power up an Xbox One and play a game you
can instantly see the increased fidelity.
NJtheYT - 2 dager siden
xbox has so see this
Ninjaiceboy Frost
Ninjaiceboy Frost - 2 dager siden
The Xbox series X is still going to be better power wise.
Leon Juan Williams
Leon Juan Williams - 3 dager siden
Uhm my TV is 8k...
Ashton Wyss
Ashton Wyss - 3 dager siden
wonder how much they paid him...
arty lara
arty lara - 3 dager siden
The caption should be why Xbox is trash and gonna die
Pat_The_Lad - 3 dager siden
This is why I think there’s no point going beyond 4K anymore. Just up the frame rate
Xbox Won
Xbox Won - 3 dager siden
This video sucks
Ben Tennyson
Ben Tennyson - 3 dager siden
The power might go up but there's only so much you can do where graphics are concerned, now other aspects of a game suchas framerate and resolution they can vastly improve. Graphics aren't the be all and end all.
Lindi Hoxhaj
Lindi Hoxhaj - 3 dager siden
How much sony is paying you ,you fucking idiot youtuber
123 456
123 456 - 3 dager siden
Let’s be honest if they had pushed the graphics/FPS way up there people would then complain constantly about the fact they need to buy a new tv to display a higher hz or 2/4K. Imagine how angry the people that complain when a new console costs $500 at launch would be having to spend a load on a new tv to take advantage on it.
rodo - 3 dager siden
If you haven't seen, I strongly recommend to watch: Unreal Engine 5 Revealed! / Next-Gen Real-Time Demo running on PS5
Dauntaye Alderman
Dauntaye Alderman - 4 dager siden
Is it me or is Austin’s shirt is selling out Linus from Linus Tech tips"
Johann Steinwand
Johann Steinwand - 5 dager siden
Game of thrones?!
You mean Vikings 🤣
Jc329 - 6 dager siden
What even is the game at 14:13 looks cool
Fenax - 7 dager siden
Mr Potato man
Mr Potato man - 7 dager siden
To sum it up.
Its hard to make already good looking games look better.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana - 7 dager siden
Antonio Carrera
Antonio Carrera - 8 dager siden
Ha ha he said he was impressed by game cube n64 was better
SirButtah - 8 dager siden
People sleeping on next gen. Gaming is evolving nicely. Watch what the next 5 years bring us.
Rakshit Srivastava
Rakshit Srivastava - 9 dager siden
Lienus on the tshirt, ohh competition, i see....
ManosToroRosso - 9 dager siden
I dont know why xbox x games look bad, but its not the reason you want to get across...
Just look at:
Horizon 2, Demon's Souls, Rachet and Clank ...PS5
fuck xbots
fuck xbots - 7 dager siden
Its so cinematic and beautiful (read my name)
Blocka Datnikka
Blocka Datnikka - 9 dager siden
ps5 is winning
Xx_lyrics _xX
Xx_lyrics _xX - 12 dager siden
Sorry to say this but istarted hating u alittle
Ithought u were smarter than that for the last time im saying DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER
Gt86_ Medina
Gt86_ Medina - 12 dager siden
I mean, look at nba 2k14 on the ps3 vs nba 2k14 on the ps4. That’s a huge improvement
Jahid Hosssin
Jahid Hosssin - 13 dager siden
I recommend you to buy PC.
Mr. Gab guy
Mr. Gab guy - 13 dager siden
PS3 to PS4 has next-gen leap in graphics. Look at exclusives and GTA 5 and last of us are 7th gen games in 2013. Killzone shadow fall and Infamous Second Son compare to killzone 3 and Infamous 2. PS4 games or graphics is more polished, powerful and have photo-realistic looks.
TheMostWanted774 - 13 dager siden
ell - 14 dager siden
austin say xbox is so good better then ps5 now playstation is paying himmmmmmm
Aquarian God
Aquarian God - 14 dager siden
Dude all you care about is power. There's people out here playing STARDEW VALLEY. Barely anybody out here care's about graphics. If I want to see crisp graphics I'll watch a 4k movie but half these high hertz and resolution game's are trash. I'm not focused on a pixel I can barely see who are you trying to fool.
No Ma'am 979
No Ma'am 979 - 14 dager siden
God of war looked Great !!!!! PS4
Francisco Javier Sanchez Godinez
Then there's the typical cross generation games where studios make their games using more the last gen Tech and less next generation technology. The idea behind this is simple developers need time to research and use the new technology and power of new console's. It takes time and resources and those games development started years before the new console arrives so they develop those games with what they know and what they have, the result is first generation games that look and feel pretty much like last Gen games.
Brent.2017 - 15 dager siden
What a stupid video. It isn't even out yet, game companies can't create games without a console to do it on. What an idiot.
Jalapeñio - 15 dager siden
I also see little differences that they could’ve done on their previous consoles.
CaptGeoff07 _
CaptGeoff07 _ - 16 dager siden
Quantum computing. It's a thing and when it comes out we will get the sweet, sweet satisfaction of one final mega jump in processing power.
Deepak Kool
Deepak Kool - 16 dager siden
Xbox or Playstation?

It wont matter when ampere series gets launched and rtx series rates drops, then the peasants will learn
Adin Chandra
Adin Chandra - 17 dager siden
3:30 : What?????? Why He damage PlayStation 4? Ohhhhhh Myyyyyyy Godddddd........
I hate this Man. Why he doing that. What The H***
Hevon - 17 dager siden
MrGivmedew - 17 dager siden
The easy stuff is off the board... wow you don’t know shit about how this works.
The reason it’s hard to improve transistor count is because we are literally getting too close to the size of an electron. You can not make a transistor smaller than an electron what that means is eventually you can’t actually make transistors smaller and therefor you can’t make processors faster just by increasing transistor count per 2D square inch. That’s why we are seeing 3D transistors and changes to processors like possibly going to ARM based processors instead of x86 processors.
Then the other issue is the cost of making a game that looks better. World building is expensive.
Then the not having 10x memory thing... well if you can’t utilize 10x the memory why would you want it.
I think you maybe don’t have the ability to see things the way you are trying to explain them.
LeFou77 - 18 dager siden
3-4 years before 8K become mainstream
Cristiam Márquez
Cristiam Márquez - 18 dager siden
The games back then looked worse than cartoons and the fact consoles have grown 10 times better make those cartoons look real, now, "games dont look better now" how tf do you expect games to look better than reality?
Mr na
Mr na - 19 dager siden
Cristian Hernan Rueda Meza
Cristian Hernan Rueda Meza - 19 dager siden
You forgot talking about FPS
MrBeefy - 20 dager siden
Because Xbox only love old gen games and not next gen like Sony who fire shot at Xbox lol it was epic when Sony shot at Xbox that hand on
Pedro Paese
Pedro Paese - 20 dager siden
i get what he wants to say... the gap that we have in this generation to the next dosen't seen worth, we are getting closer to the maximum performace that we can catch. We still are waiting for the impossible.
MrBusterpalmer - 20 dager siden