Why YOU hate the PS5 Controller (and other new things)

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We’re all wrong about tech sometimes.
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Vitenskap og teknologi
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Austin Evans
Austin Evans - 3 måneder siden
It’s ok to be wrong sometimes
Insane 10
Insane 10 - 10 dager siden
Yeah like being wrong saying everybody hate the ps5 controller
Say hello to my little Friend user 0452
I have a idea make a ultimate nes classic do that for. A video
Say hello to my little Friend user 0452
I have a idea Make a ultimate nes classic do that for a video
Kalin Ruder
Kalin Ruder - 13 dager siden
Dude only miscrosoft people hated the controller?! Dude u did it again with the gameplay 😂
CASCADIA魔王 - 14 dager siden
Austin Its is okay to be wrong. But when you talk shit abt other consoles without getting it in your hands that's another. I guess your getting a lot of money from Microsoft huh
wasap doc
wasap doc - 10 timer siden
4.51 M donkeys.
wasap doc
wasap doc - 10 timer siden
"Super ugly"? With a face like that?. Oh and that head. Suction cup at birth?
I Play Games
I Play Games - 16 timer siden
Wait... this isn't a vsauce video
ruca 1
ruca 1 - 23 timer siden
Xbox suks
GxG GAMERspiderman!
GxG GAMERspiderman! - Dag siden
Me: loving the the ps5 controller
Austin: why *you* hate the ps5 controller
Ojas Zanpure
Ojas Zanpure - 2 dager siden
I hate new tech simply because I can’t afford it
Abraham Cervantes
Abraham Cervantes - 3 dager siden
For me the PS5 hardware looks like ítems of a futuristic game, I don’t know if I like it or if I don’t. Console designs that I really like are the Nintendo Switch, the New 3DS (small) and the Xbox One S
Don’t Ask Big Man Questions
A third of the comments: Xbox is sponsoring Austin Evans.
Another third of the comments: I actually like the PS5 controller.
My thoughts that make up a third of the comments:
The PS5 controller is just an example to show how we hate new tech. (Because it’s a whole new design). As was the mouse
littleBIGmanofawesom - 5 dager siden
Is..... Is this a secret apology video to Sony for talking crap about their controller? When i think about the whole build up of the video, this feels like an apology video... Im probably REALLY wrong though...
Chris Carah
Chris Carah - 5 dager siden
just vote it down :)
Pouya cooper
Pouya cooper - 6 dager siden
actually i like the controller. i suggest you pre order ps5 when microsoft gave your salary next month :)
BeyondTrash - 3 dager siden
He calls the xbox shit in this vid, and tries to convince people who disliked the PS5 controller initially to give it a fair chance when it actually releases, rather than preemptively judging it. Not to mention he calls the xbox one "horrible" in the video. Why the actual fuck would Microsoft sponsor this?
12Tflop BruteForce
12Tflop BruteForce - 6 dager siden
Because you're obviously a Microsoft sellout, that ever seems you did the XSX breakdown have been bashing ps5, and capping for xbox??? I think I'm right!😉
Dacool _boe
Dacool _boe - 7 dager siden
The original Apple logo is rgb bru
crazybutlazyyy De
crazybutlazyyy De - 7 dager siden
Even you know ur wrong everything time so while wouldn’t it be this time too
Nøt ReĐ
Nøt ReĐ - 7 dager siden
Stop promote Xbox series X, there's a reason if the playstation is preferred by gamers and it will be forever, more and more. Just look the numbers on YouTube of trailers or the reactions, just look the games/esclusives, just compare the sells or just think about the gamers comunity opinion. Xbox can't compete with Playstation, neither now nor ever.
Max Pain
Max Pain - 7 dager siden
Imagine spending your life try to make the best Console ever
And everybody hates it because it LOOKS bad
Deborah - 8 dager siden
The "i poop" 🤣🤣🤣
Tudor Mocanu
Tudor Mocanu - 8 dager siden
How stupid he is 😂😂
DeskepticalTV - 11 dager siden
The design ugly though
Frederico Düvel
Frederico Düvel - 11 dager siden
I don’t hate this you paid Microsoft dog!
Guilherme Silva
Guilherme Silva - 11 dager siden
PeepGames - 13 dager siden
It looks... Meh. Still better than the prototype ps2 controller
Nihal Gaming
Nihal Gaming - 14 dager siden
I am getting laugh by seeing the comments
MADMATT - 14 dager siden
yeah i maybe wrong but the cybertruck still looks stupid
《{LIAK- GAMER}》 - 15 dager siden
I love the new dualsense(ps5 controller)
Jacob Nichols
Jacob Nichols - 16 dager siden
The echo in this video makes my ear irritates
Lil Thicc
Lil Thicc - 17 dager siden
This guy🤣😲
mcandroblox 84
mcandroblox 84 - 18 dager siden
Me: laughing in my brain *wifi router and mini fridge*
Austin: and that is the last time someone will discriminate the appearance of new tech
lewaa moussa
lewaa moussa - 19 dager siden
Yes, move to my space... just get the fuck out of here
Rippley slurp
Rippley slurp - 19 dager siden
Play station better than those Xbots
AP3X L0G4N - 13 dager siden
Yeah I know right, the new Ps5 is gonna be $100 more expensive than the Xbox Series X, have worse graphics and speed and not have a PC compatible streaming platform - Whats not to love! (quite a lot)
MADMATT - 14 dager siden
ok sony pony
faizan lol
faizan lol - 20 dager siden
Jokes on you I don’t hate it
Aerial - 20 dager siden
What's important is that the controller is perfectly made to kill mfs on screen. These controllers are made for stupid cunts who never gamed before in their life.
Aerial - 20 dager siden
Please stop trying to be funny, because you just aren't...
Aerial - 20 dager siden
Has nothing to do with aesthetics and more to do with comfortability. This thing is going to hurt your hands and if it doesn't, you're doing it wrong.
Aerial - 20 dager siden
Nothing will ever beat the DS3 controller.
Robin - 21 dag siden
People are..
Allowed to dislike the PS5 controller, right?
Crazy notion.
CASCADIA魔王 - 21 dag siden
Dude this guy turned to Microsoft and talking shit abt ps5. What an asshole. I loved Austin's channel once but now. Hey bastard Austin u lost a subscriber
CASCADIA魔王 - 13 dager siden
@AP3X L0G4N yo kid why do u ask for others credit card details on your NOburn??
CASCADIA魔王 - 13 dager siden
@AP3X L0G4N yo do u know the meaning of all digital??😂😂😂😂 all digital with disc lol your comments are funnyy
CASCADIA魔王 - 13 dager siden
@AP3X L0G4N Never mind, I just checked your profile and found out that ur just a kid. You kidd, if you have the mentality just research abt the console and basically how many consoles are there in thos world. Dont just assume xbox is the best of the best since mommy or daddy bought u a xbox
CASCADIA魔王 - 13 dager siden
@AP3X L0G4N WTF dude lol 😂😂. What the hell are u typing??? Maybe you typed XboxSX 399$ and the Lockhart 250$. Ps5 all digital 600$ 😂😂😂and the disk one 499$😂😂😂😂😂😂. If these were the price Ps5 and the company gonna be bust. Do u know the mistake sony made with ps3? And what they learned from it????? Ps5 price is unpredictable, and what you predicted is something crazy and never seen and there was a rumour that the past was gonna be 1000$ lol ur just one of those idiots. Haven't you noticed abt the surveys done by sony?? Now I am assuming ur just a guy who appears to be all crazy xbox fan who dosnt even look at other consoles.
AP3X L0G4N - 13 dager siden
@CASCADIA魔王 Ps5 $499, All digital $599 XboxSX $250 - $300 all digital $499 with disc drive
Dave Beddows
Dave Beddows - 21 dag siden
This is the PlayStation 5
Daniel Baek
Daniel Baek - 22 dager siden
ps5 is a complete joke
MADMATT - 14 dager siden
PlayStation Sucks
PlayStation Sucks - 23 dager siden
Sony ponies can't handle people criticising their WokeStation 5. WokeStation 5 looks like an broadband router, a big fat broadband router.
PlayStation Sucks
PlayStation Sucks - 23 dager siden
Remember the sixaxis? It was never used, only for some games. Dual sense is just another Sony gimmick. What's wrong with the normal controller? Nothing.
WOLFKNIGHT118 - 23 dager siden
I like the xbox one design the new xbox is a box so I mean it makes sense for it to be one
Jeff 'the gamer' Boy
Jeff 'the gamer' Boy - 25 dager siden
Me: I am happy that they are changing the controller shape and making it more like xbox and Nintendo pro controller except for their usual layout which I will get used to. I am satisfied so far.
Austin: You hate the dualsense.
Me: Yes, I hate the dualsense.
PickleToonz - 26 dager siden
I think the ps5 controller look super cool and comfortable but the console look like trash. But expensive trash
Nope Dope
Nope Dope - 26 dager siden
No i love it
Carlos Escobedo
Carlos Escobedo - 26 dager siden
You don’t speak for everyone Austin Evans. Only your biased opinions and Xbox fanboys dislike it.
ok - 26 dager siden
What? I love the ps5 controller
Moon - 27 dager siden
I don’t hate it
bruh - 28 dager siden
Austin to microsoft: “can I please see my family now”
MADMATT - 14 dager siden
HowlR_ - 29 dager siden
Microsoft: *Hey, We'll give you free chipotle burritos if you go against playstation with their ps5!*
KanataSD - 29 dager siden
My muscle memory from school instantly made me want to reach to the back of the Mac with my left arm to turn it it on
Just Vibe
Just Vibe - Måned siden
I just got the joke
Just Vibe
Just Vibe - Måned siden
Everyones saying that he sided with Microsoft, but I feel like he sided with sony.
Just Vibe
Just Vibe - Måned siden
Did anyone actually watch the entire video? He's not biased towards either system.
JOSEPH TAHAN - Måned siden
I don’t hate it
CooCoo - Måned siden
Sony watching this video be like 👁👄👁
Logan Panc
Logan Panc - Måned siden
It's definitely better than the Xbox controller
MADMATT - 14 dager siden
sonypont sonypony
Logan Panc
Logan Panc - 26 dager siden
@Timmyboy 420 Sony isn't a low budget POS company it's a 100 billion dollar industry I'm sure they did their research on how the controller should be designed well I wouldn't think so negative ab it
Timmyboy 420
Timmyboy 420 - 26 dager siden
This is like rating a movie before you see it
Logan Panc
Logan Panc - 26 dager siden
@Timmyboy 420 I doubt it will by the look of it they tested it with hands of a bunch of different sizes before they finished the design and it will be a big step for immersion in single player story driven games which is Sony's focus this generation
Timmyboy 420
Timmyboy 420 - 26 dager siden
Logan Panc that doesn’t matter if it feels like dog shit
pbilk1 - Måned siden
Personally, I like the design and thought it was cool.
1:41 Oh wow. I didn't realize how close the PS5 controller looked to the Xbox controller... The round nubs to hold on are more Xbox like. The joystick nubs are gone and in the controller like Xbox. The life long DualShock design elements are gone.
Oh my, maybe that's why I liked the controller, because I like the Xbox controller.
Chewing Gum
Chewing Gum - Måned siden
I thought this was a hate comment about the PS5 controller, now I realized it truly is a hate comment about the PS5 controller AND a history class about Apple's products.