Xbox Series X Hands On, Gameplay & Controller!

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Xbox Series X hands on reaction: specs, gameplay, controller and more!
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Xbox Series X gameplay! 🎮
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 23:25


Xbox - 4 måneder siden
Still waiting for our turn to hold it...
mohammed ashfaq
mohammed ashfaq - 10 dager siden
Spongebob • 10 years ago
Spongebob • 10 years ago - 11 dager siden
Jerom Prasad
Jerom Prasad - 29 dager siden
Xbox ya ya
SAPPYCLAPY - Måned siden
gm red pop
gm red pop - Måned siden
4fug onions
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Autosport & More
Autosport & More - 55 minutter siden
The reason is that the sell more xbox comsole than ps5. My first tought whas ps5. And now it is xbox..
13 Point Black
13 Point Black - Time siden
Capri - Time siden
17:26 it looks like the series X is the exact same width as the One X? That would look great in my AV rack
ALEX PROO - 2 timer siden
Devon deBorst
Devon deBorst - 5 timer siden
*Shaders releases for minecraft bedrock*
Java players: hey, I've seen this one!
Bedrock players: what do you mean you've seen it? Its brand new.
Lesly Valencia
Lesly Valencia - 6 timer siden
Dang that’s a ginormous remote
GHØST. EXE - 8 timer siden
For no reason the xbox series x looks like a box that you cant play or use
wasap doc
wasap doc - 8 timer siden
To be honored by MS is something, to be bought like a pet is another. # coffeetable.
saucegodfranki3 - 8 timer siden
hello xbox💙💚💙💚
Rene Medina
Rene Medina - 9 timer siden
You rock dude
SuperKiko112 - 10 timer siden
Looks like my subwoofer
Phengsta Blendz
Phengsta Blendz - 12 timer siden
So ugly 😭 no effort with that box
Real Gamer
Real Gamer - 10 timer siden
Youre not a fan
Phengsta Blendz
Phengsta Blendz - 12 timer siden
As a Xbox fan it’s trash
عراقي games
عراقي games - 12 timer siden
It looks not suitable for gaming enthusiasts.
louie Green
louie Green - 13 timer siden
Epick - 14 timer siden
Just as jony ive once said a few years ago:

the next generation is just a solid metal cube, to figure that one out..
Korvo's Expedition
Korvo's Expedition - 14 timer siden
Pc gamers: console will never catch up to us
New gen consoles: surprise mutha fucka
Lyndell Hodge
Lyndell Hodge - 16 timer siden
Its fake because all the clips what there supposed to be using Xbox series X you will see a 2 Xbox one X. 8:15 to 9:55
Umar Khan Jadoon
Umar Khan Jadoon - 8 timer siden
They are series X dev kits. You can google that :)
Joe Gamez
Joe Gamez - 17 timer siden
Good thing it’s not real
Jag Nagarajan
Jag Nagarajan - 18 timer siden
And the design is vertical not horizontal!
Jag Nagarajan
Jag Nagarajan - 18 timer siden
It’s so small !
RAILS skateboards
RAILS skateboards - 18 timer siden
No no the FUCKING way
garkun_ply - 19 timer siden
Dude y'all never see a comment and say damn why didn't i say that
bianni vargas
bianni vargas - 19 timer siden
T SittingPie
T SittingPie - 23 timer siden
Damn that's segsy
Baby Gangstar
Baby Gangstar - Dag siden
When u realise that this video has more views then the actual xbox reveal
Baby Gangstar
Baby Gangstar - 5 timer siden
@Lesly Valencia Xbox series X reveal was released on NOburn 6 months ago and this video was released 4 months ago😂😂
Lesly Valencia
Lesly Valencia - 6 timer siden
Baby Gangstar cause it’s been up longer
Francine M
Francine M - Dag siden
This thing is ugly go for ps5
The armory
The armory - Dag siden
Xbox is fast but the car is not fast?
Patricia MOCQUET
Patricia MOCQUET - Dag siden
Sheikh Abdulquddoos
Sheikh Abdulquddoos - Dag siden
We already know MS will grant you when you dislike ps5 😂🤣
Random Tube
Random Tube - Dag siden
Its been so long they have been talking about the Xbox series x. That i already have 1200 usd saved up lol
MR T REVIEWS - Dag siden
Nah ps5 has definetly beaten this by far sorry series x
Guido G
Guido G - Dag siden
PlayStation. Been with Xbox since 2007’. Ive had enough.
TEXAS BOY - Dag siden
Bro they better at least fucking make a new home menu for series x
Levi Dunn
Levi Dunn - Dag siden
AstroXCorrupt_ HaZe
AstroXCorrupt_ HaZe - Dag siden
Who else just build their own Xbox series x after seeing this
Paper Kelly
Paper Kelly - 2 dager siden
Wow that's a cool mini fridge JK thanks for looking into the xbox series x
Ben Craven
Ben Craven - 2 dager siden
Honestly if they make a console with full steam support and the ability to mod games i would buy it.
King Bura
King Bura - 2 dager siden
Had to drop a like coz of the shirt he was wearing. Huge fan 👌🏾
Lildre3k - 2 dager siden
Will we be able to record voice audio in game????
Luke Scoot
Luke Scoot - 2 dager siden
0:36 its alota drinks lets be honest(im not an xbox hater i actually have one myself its just funny)
BAD battleAXE
BAD battleAXE - 2 dager siden
I am so excited for this system to be released!!
Skyvolt - 2 dager siden
Combien de fps sur Fortnite ?!!
Дмитрий Недосеков
Bravo GotSwag
Bravo GotSwag - 2 dager siden
Fuckin nerds have a powerful system and want to play Minecraft... Fml
MatsuKaZa Lee
MatsuKaZa Lee - 2 dager siden
But will there be more exclusives?
Braster - 2 dager siden
Anthony Harootounyan
Anthony Harootounyan - 2 dager siden
It's like trash
Braster - Dag siden
@Seam True😏
Seam - Dag siden
@Braster yes i know like why would you need a shitty slow WiFi router when you can have a fridge to keep food and live.
Braster - 2 dager siden
U mean Playstation? Yes ur right
sm sm
sm sm - 2 dager siden
That fan still big tho..good idea to circulate all the heat out for all components.
Jake MasterYT
Jake MasterYT - 2 dager siden
Yoooooooooo i love this!!!
Ikillyourboss - 2 dager siden
But Xbox has no exclusives!
Dan - Dag siden
@Ikillyourboss "PS5" Not ps4
Ikillyourboss - Dag siden
Dan r u serious? 2 of the most hyped games of this year are PlayStation exclusives! Last of us 2 and ghost of tuashima! also PlayStation plus gives u insane games for free like cod ww2, battlefront 2, fall guys last of us nba 2k20 I could go on and on!
Dan - 2 dager siden
Wtf Has better and more than PlayStation like hellblade 2 and fable and more
Twitch Stained
Twitch Stained - 2 dager siden
Ps5 only looks and have better games and this same as ps5 and this has 144 FPS
John Smith
John Smith - 2 dager siden
PS5 is better
Dan - 2 dager siden
Ps5 trash no power,no games, no game pass and more
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson - 3 dager siden
Does it have the thing where you can put the hard drive to transfer your games and profile from the an other Xbox if it does we’re is it
Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds - 3 dager siden
DisplayPort plug in? Anyone know?
Real Gamer
Real Gamer - 2 dager siden
no, just hdmi
TNI PaTrioT - 3 dager siden
If you could answer this for me will the fan maybe be better to keeping dust out
Vasy _ 749
Vasy _ 749 - 3 dager siden
8:00 11:00
cheseday - 3 dager siden
Its cool like a fridge
Gary M
Gary M - 3 dager siden
I wish Sony or Microsoft would buy the Mass Effect license.
Scoped brayan
Scoped brayan - 3 dager siden
Lol i still use the original xbox one